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Well Sentinel


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24x7 real-time quality assurance service

WellSentinel® is our industry unique 24×7 real-time monitoring, intervention and verification quality assurance service for Wireline and Drilling Operations. This proactive service approach is not just there for when things go wrong, we work alongside your onsite team to ensure your operations run smoothly and meet all the objectives and service quality expectations of the project.

Our WellSentinel® service delivers flawless execution and the highest level of service delivery, service quality and reliability assured.

WellSentinel® service overview:


Our industry leading on-demand real-time dedicated remote technical support and troubleshooting service included as standard.

remote monitoring

Continuous remote monitoring with advice and support from our pool of SMEs safeguarding your well site operations service quality.

remote intervention

Proactive intervention to eliminate bad practices, human error or safeguard equipment reliability and service quality and continuity.

remote verification

Verification and sign-off for predefined critical tasks performed at the well site eliminating mistakes attributed to human error.

On-the-job coaching

Our service accelerates the competency of your personnel, affording you scalability and assurance your workforce are always qualified to perform.

Onsite Quality assurance

For customers who need an onsite presence we offer a full Onsite Quality Assurance service for your Drilling and Wireline operations.

relentless focus on service delivery & quality

Our WellSentinel® service addresses common industry problems seen across Drilling and Wireline projects that adversely affect service delivery and quality such as inexperience or incorrectly trained personnel, ineffective crew-change handovers, short call-outs, unplanned activities, logistical problems and simply not following procedures.

Our remote service provides the required constant throughout these undesirable events and, ensures that, despite whatever is happening at the well site, someone always has their eye on service quality and the project objectives and deliverables.

laser-focused support

Collocated with other SMEs within our UK-based Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facility our highly skilled and experienced Engineers will be fully aware of the project objectives and continuously monitor your Drilling and Wireline operations.

Should any unwanted events or conditions arise that have the potential to impact service delivery, quality or equipment reliability, they are quick to react and provide advice and support to your onsite personnel to stop the condition from getting worse.

safeguarding service quality & Continuity

With a proactive approach that continuously monitors, our WellSentinel® service can detect and, when deemed necessary and required by you, will intervene before bad practices, human error or signs of undesirable events occurring have become a real problem.

WellSentinel® will guarantee service quality and continuity are maintained throughout your Drilling and Wireline operations.

engineering procedural adherence

Our WellSentinel® service provides real-time quality assurance by eliminating undesirable events attributed to human error.

Even with the best intentions, the well site environment can lead to issues being overlooked and mistakes made. With WellSentinel® predefined workflows, we can  ensure that, no matter how hectic things are at the well site, our remote Engineers fully verify and sign-off critical tasks performed at the well site.

Together with our customers, we tailor support service agreements that define critical tasks and target any customer or project specific pain-points in accordance with their service quality improvement plans.

Remote verification and sign-off is executed swiftly in real-time in accordance with the project’s predefined well site escalation process, ensuring transparency over roles and responsibilities between all stakeholders and onsite personnel.

accelerated competency

The very nature of our WellSentinel® service means our Engineers work closely hand-in-hand with your onsite personnel on a daily basis. This support goes further than just advice, it helps coach and develop the skill-set and enhances the proficiency of your personnel too.

As a result, on-the-job mentoring can accelerate the competency of your personnel,  affording you the scalability you require whilst providing the comfort and assurance your workforce are always qualified to perform.

In addition to operations quality assurance and, based on your company’s competency curriculum,  we can provide a remote competency assessment service, tailored to your requirements.

Continuous Process improvement

Delivered together, wellPlan® wellGuardian® and wellSentinel® services not only provide invaluable operations support and reduce downtime but they also provide a fully complimentary project life-cycle support solution that will deliver continuous process improvement by feeding valuable lessons learned into the planning stages across all your future projects.

turnkey solutions

Not Looking for Drilling or Wireline Operations support? Then contact our Consultancy Services to see how we can help you implement your own in-house support function or, alternatively, how we can provide you with a fully outsourced turnkey Remote Operations Support model to meet your specific requirements.

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