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Well Plan


plan for success

WellPlan® our up front Engineering and Technical Support job planning service, ensures all engineering and technical planning aspects for your Drilling and Wireline projects have been considered to fully meet your, or your customer’s project objectives and associated contingency plans.

Attention and focus delivered at this crucial stage in your projects will more often than not be the deciding factor between project success or failure.

wellPlan® service overview:


Well Planning, Applications Engineering support (BHA Design, hydraulics etc.).

technical planning

Technical job planning process ensuring all aspects of the project are considered avoiding last-minute changes or emergency logistical requirements.

hardware & Software

Equipment, software and firmware requirements, pre-deployment configuration, testing and verification.


CRM creation and/or verification; log, data & deliverable template files and delivery plans to meet Customer Logging Programme.

downhole tools

Downhole tools requirements, configuration and verification in accordance with customer Drilling and Logging Programmes.

Risk Management

Wireline & Drilling risk identification and mitigation process to eradicate unwanted surprises.

flawless execution

Our WellPlan® Service will not only provide you with the technical and engineering support input your project requires but will help guide you through a comprehensive planning process devised to maximise the success of your execution phase.

This process feeds valuable information into the execution phase mitigating  risks and allowing real-time unplanned events to be dealt with more quickly.

Lessons learned captured throughout the planning and execution stage are fed back into the planning stages of future projects bringing true continuous process improvement.

collaborative expert support

Our WellPlan® service is provided by our team of highly skilled and experienced Engineers. We ensure Engineers assigned to your projects have the right competencies to match the technology and application for your project.

As standard this service is provided remotely from our UK-based Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facility where our Engineers  are collocated and jointly colloborate to ensure maximum success for your projects. And should the need arise, our Engineers are available to travel to customer locations, upon customer request.

Engineers assigned to your project will contribute valuable information and lessons learned into the review process as required.

flexibility in mind

We understand the nature of Drilling & Evaluation and the way it dictates flexibility to meet ever-changing operational demands. For this reason we put flexibility at the very core of our WellPlan® service allowing our customers to scale up or scale down as required.

Our various pricing models mean there are solutions to meet all our customers needs from simple Pay-As-You-Go through to medium to long-term ongoing outsourcing or business partnerships.

Continuous Process improvement

Delivered together, wellPlan® wellGuardian® and wellSentinel® services not only provide invaluable operations support and reduce downtime but they also provide a fully complimentary project life-cycle support solution that will deliver continuous process improvement by feeding valuable lessons learned into the planning stages across all your future projects. For more information visit our Technical Services page.

turnkey solutions

Not Looking for Drilling or Wireline Engineering and Technical support? Then contact our Consultancy Services to see how we can help you implement your own in-house support function or, alternatively, how we can provide you with a fully outsourced turnkey Remote Operations Support model to meet your specific requirements.

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