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WellGuardian® is our 24×7 remote dedicated real-time on-demand well site operational technical support service for when things go wrong. Sadly, we all know that, despite planning for the best, things can, and do, go wrong. Our WellGuardian® service is there for you when it does.

Our unique support service, provided from our UK-based Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facility, is comprised of highly experienced and skilled engineers collocated together and dedicated to assisting your onsite personnel through the necessary troubleshooting steps to help diagnose and resolve all Drilling and Wireline technical issues and get your well site operations running smoothly again, whether you’re on land, at sea or in deep water.

WellGuardian® service overview:


Advice, support and troubleshooting assistance to help resolve technical issues and identify misdiagnosed downhole equipment failures.


Advice, support and troubleshooting assistance to help improve signal strength and quality for Drilling telemetry acquisition systems.

hardware & software

Advice, support and troubleshooting assistance to help resolve Wireline and Drilling hardware and software technical issues.

post-run tool selection

Advice on tool re-run or lay down selections based on run diagnostic and performance data.

directional control

Advice, support and troubleshooting assistance to help gain better directional control, steerability and control.

vibration mitigation

Advice, support and troubleshooting assistance to help mitigate or control sustained periods of drilling dynamics and dysfunctions.

survey issues

Advice, support and troubleshooting assistance to resolve common survey issues and improve survey accuracy and quality.

Formation Response

Advice and support on anomalous tool formation responses and tool response verification.

reclaim valuable rig time by minimising NPT

Our aim is to resolve your well site technical issue on first contact and get your operations running smoothly again as quickly as possible.

This dedicated support for your well site operations is provided via telephone, email, web chat and remote control to help your onsite personnel troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve downhole equipment, surface hardware and software issues.

better informed operational decisions

Our Support Engineers are not only competent but are highly proficient at resolving even the most complicated technical issues.

With all Support Engineers having an extensive field background they are trained to be process driven in resolving technical issues yet mindful of the bigger operational picture and project requirements.

While assisting onsite personnel facing technical issues we are committed to keeping our customers updated every step of the way and provide realtime analysis and information for customers to make better informed operational decisions.

streamlined support

We understand every project is different and that’s why, together with our customers, we develop and tailor service support agreements that aim to tackle our customers’ anticipated pain-points whilst also capturing more common well site operational issues and requirements.

For each customer or individual project we establish a mutually agreeable escalation process that highlights a predefined process for who, how and when to seek support. This process is  communicated to all stakeholders and onsite personnel so that, when things do go wrong, the situation is dealt with quickly without unnecessary communication issues or misunderstanding over roles and responsibilities throughout the entire incident resolution process.

knowledge capture & dissemination

As part of the WellGuardian® service we record the details of all incidents that are dealt with in our proprietary Incident Management System, intended for customer awareness and improvement purposes and to help with our internal service quality and training.

The information recorded during each step of an incident resolution process can be shared real-time with customer nominated  stakeholders.  This information is provided in the form of email updates and details the current status and history of an incident.

At the end of a project or, at any point during the project, a full list of incident reports are available upon request to ensure all stakeholders are up to speed with the project and the support which has been provided. This information is tightly controlled under our data governance policies and is provided only under customer discretion.

Continuous Process improvement

Delivered together, wellPlan® wellGuardian® and wellSentinel® services not only provide invaluable operations support and reduce downtime, but they also provide a fully complimentary project life-cycle support solution that will deliver continuous process improvement by feeding valuable lessons learned into the planning stages across all your future projects.

turnkey solutions

Not Looking for Drilling or Wireline Operations support? Then contact our Consultancy Services to see how we can help you implement your own in-house support function or, alternatively, how we can provide you with a fully outsourced turnkey Remote Operations Support model to meet your specific requirements.

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