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Technical Services

technical services

well planned, well supported, well delivered

Our Technical Support Services will maximise the success of your Drilling and Wireline projects, from start to finish.

We provide support to help you plan and execute your operations successfully, first time, reducing risk and maximising the return on your investment.

Our real-time services minimise unnecessary non-productive time (NPT) and increase equipment reliability resulting in a leaner, more efficient and cost-effective operation.

end-to-end support service

We’ve been providing remote technical support solutions for over a decade and in this time we’ve learned that, to truly maximise success and deliver customer value, our support needs to target the three main areas of a project; planning, execution and review. As a result we offer a three tiered support model that, when used in unison can improve performance and service quality for all your projects, time after time.

Our up front Engineering and Technical Support Service to ensure project success from the outset.

24×7 real-time on-demand remote well site technical support service for when things go wrong.

24×7 real-time monitoring, intervention and verification quality assurance service.

brand agnostic

Our unique real-time remote technical support and advisory services support the application of all major Drilling & Wireline technologies in the marketplace.

Our technical services provide invaluable support for customers who buy their technology direct from Oilfield Service Companies or, alternatively, for Oilfield Service Companies wishing to outsource some or all of their operations support requirements.

process driven collaborative support

We  supply our customers with the relevant specialist expertise, through a uniquely tailored remote support model, that ensures maximum collaboration and process driven support for your operations, ensuring that well site issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Our technical support services are provided remotely from our UK-based Remote Operations Support and Collaboration Centre (ROSC) where our English speaking, highly experienced and skilled engineers are co-located allowing you to connect and collaborate with an SME pool with literally hundreds of years combined experience.

data governance

We understand the importance of data and its’ sensitivity to our customers. We treat data, in all of its forms, as confidential and strictly controlled by our in-house data governance policies whilst also ensuring we honour and adhere to our customers’ very own data governance policies too.

We’ve provided support to many different countries so we’re fully aware of the pitfalls and restrictions presented through individual State Hydrocarbon Data Laws.  As a result we develop Service Support Agreements that are sympathetic to individual State Hydrocarbon Laws and, in some cases, we may even offer in-country support services to overcome the strictest of individual State Hydrocarbon Data Laws.

In addition to State Hydrocarbon Data Laws we’re familiar with the restrictions and responsibilities imposed through Export Control and we’ll work with you to ensure our support services are in full compliance.

resilience planning

To ensure customers can depend upon our support services time after time we’ve developed extensive resilience plans to overcome almost every conceivable situation that may interfere with our accessibility or our ability to provide our services.

We have significant redundancy in our hardware with fall-back solutions and strict protocols to follow, ensuring that, in the worst case, we’re back online within seconds.

As a customer you’ll be assured that, despite regular scheduled scenario testing, we’ve been fortunate enough never to require putting any of theses plans into action.

Continuous Process improvement

Delivered together, wellPlan® wellGuardian® and wellSentinel® services not only provide invaluable operations support and reduced downtime, but in addition, they provide a fully complimentary project life-cycle support solution that will deliver continuous process improvement by feeding valuable lessons learned into the planning stages across all your future projects.

turnkey solutions

Not Looking for Drilling or Wireline Operations support? Then contact our Consultancy Services to see how we can help you implement your own in-house support function or, alternatively, how we can provide you with a fully outsourced turnkey Remote Operations Support model to meet your specific requirements.

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