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Consultancy Services

consultancy services

Connect, evolve, exceed

Our Remote Operations and Integrated Services Consultancy Solutions will help you realise opportunities to maximise your operating efficiency and create leaner, more integrated, scalable and cost-effective operations delivering significant and sustainable competitive strength.

always questioning convention

With a determined approach to continually question, innovate and evolve we harness and fuse real time data, collaborative systems and new, more efficient multi-discipline work flows, enforcing continuous process improvement, enhancing the integration and efficiency of your offshore and onshore operations personnel as well as your service providers.


consultancy solutions:

Remote operations

Implement a more remote-centric service delivery / support model to improve performance, scalability, competency and a reduced operational footprint.

Integrated services

Create leaner, more scalable and cost-effective operations with improved transparency and better control over your well site operations.

Personnel optimisation

Reduce significant costs by eliminating waste and unnecessary resources when you redefine legacy well site roles tailored to your present day needs.

pob reduction

Free up valuable bed space and reduce your operational and HS&E footprint by adopting an integrated remote operations and support model.

Digital transformation

Implement a digital platform to drive leaner, more scalable and transparent business processes saving you money and improving service delivery.

Reduced HS&E exposure

Reduce the number of personnel traveling and working in hazardous environments while reducing your environmental impact and costs.

18 years niche industry experience

Our expertise lies within Remote Operations, Integrated Operations and Remote Operations Technical Support – we’ve been doing it for over 18 years and we’re still learning, evolving and adapting.

During this time we’ve authored and presented scores of SPE papers around the world, all based upon real-life projects we’ve orchestrated.

from ideation to implementation

Whether you’re looking to integrate multi-disciplinary services, improve personnel utilisation, reduce POB or adapt to a more remote-centric service delivery and support model, we can help you achieve your goals.

Based on our extensive specialist niche experience we provide a full spectrum of Business Management services to help you achieve your goals.

Working closely with you every step of the way we help you realise your goals from ideation to implementation and beyond.

tailored training

WellKnowledge® our in-house developed suite of customer courses and training modules, help introduce the concept and opportunities delivered through remote and integrated operations.

In addition we develop and deliver tailored training courses to target specific key stages of your  technical projects ensuring a smoother stakeholder adoption.

Our WellLead® Project Management Service is accompanied with our WellBook® Project Management training course.

digitised planning & execution

Our WellLead® Service project manages your operations full life-cycle utilising WellBook® a fully digitised well planning and execution enterprise application provided by IQubeS®.

WellLead® will secure your organization a leaner process and drive efficiency and full transparency for all your projects.


Connect, EVOLVE, Exceed

transform your business

Get in touch to learn how moving to a more remote, integrated or digital organisation can help you achieve leaner, more scalable and cost-effective operations, delivering significant and sustainable competitive strength.

start to unlock opportunities in your business