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About Us

about us


Remote Oilfield Solutions is an Oilfield Solutions company providing end-to-end innovative solutions and support services to Oil and Gas Companies, Independent Operators, Drilling Contractors and Oilfield Service Companies around the world.

We provide specialist consultancy services to help our customers achieve significant results through smarter ways of working delivered through Remote Operations, Integrated Operations and transforming to a more digital business.

Our technical support services and manning solutions help our customers reduce non productive time, maximise their performance and service quality whilst increasing their operational flexibility.

Together, our end-to-end solutions help customers create long-term leaner, more efficient, scalable and cost effective operations. 

Being an innovative company, we truly believe that, by adopting a more digital, integrated and remote operation, and relentlessly examining and questioning we can continually redefine the norm to always do things leaner, smarter and better.

18 years niche industry experience

Our expertise lies within Remote Operations and Operations Technical Support –  we’ve been doing it for over 18 years and we’re still learning, evolving and adapting.

During this time we’ve authored and presented scores of SPE papers around the world, all of which based on real-life projects we orchestrated.

"To maximise efficiency, scalability and safer long-term sustainability throughout the oilfield"

our vision

As a company, you should be encouraged to learn that we’re not looking to build the complete spectrum of full stream services or become an all-encompassing behemoth struggling to provide mediocre services. 

Instead, we want to maintain our niche position and enhance the provision of our industry-leading and indispensable specialist advice to help realise our vision of a more efficient, scalable and, most importantly, a safer long-term sustainable oilfield.

Our values... OUR DNA


It’s who we are, it’s what we say and it’s what we do. Integrity is at our core and the fundamental building block from which we forge all our customer partnerships because it nurtures trust, goodwill and transparency. We operate in an open, honest and collaborative manner never giving into the easier option and openly accountable for our actions and the advice and support we provide.


From the start of any project to the finish we are as committed as our customers, after all, their success is what we pin our name to and it defines who we are. We believe that through dedication and commitment almost anything can be achieved. Helping companies transform their business practices doesn’t happen overnight; it takes understanding, innovation, forward-thinking and above all, commitment.


Our success is guided by our innate belief in continuous collaboration not only with our customers but internally and throughout our industry and beyond. We understand the invaluable blend between expertise, wisdom, and the richness of ideas delivered through constant collaboration that helps companies evolve and exceed rather than stagnate. The solutions we provide are the product of the myriad collective minds of our employees, our customers and our industry.

solutions for any market

In a  downward market our combined services  can reduce your operational costs and give you the competitive edge you need. We can help you to retain a minimum workforce with just enough flexibility to support your customers ad hoc requirements or to service new opportunities.

In an upward market you may be looking to do more will less as the right level of expertise becomes scarce and you require  the scalability to help your growth.

For those periods of high activity ramp-up you may need a service delivery model that helps accelerate the exposure and learning-curve of your new hires or simply put better controls on your service delivery and quality.

Regardless of market conditions, our combined services can help you achieve leaner more systemtatic and repeatable business processes, delivering improved performance and enhanced service quality.

Connect, EVOLVE, Exceed

transform your business

Contact us today to learn how moving to a more remote, integrated and digital organisation can help you achieve a leaner, more scalable and cost-effective operation, delivering significant and sustainable competitive strength.

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