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Remote Manning

remote manning

reduced cost and improved service quality
are not mutually exclusive

Our Remote Manning solutions will reduce your well site personnel requirement by providing more of your traditional well site services remotely from our UK-based Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facility.

Implementing a remote service delivery model will significantly reduce your operational costs, provide you with a leaner, safer and more more scalable operation whilst improving your service delivery and quality.

We provide off-the-shelf Remote Manning services for Drilling & Wireline Projects and our Consultancy Services can provide you with a fully customised turnkey Remote Manning solution for any individual or multi-disciplinary integrated well site service.

redefining traditional well site roles

By redefining traditional well site roles and responsibilities we are able to remove less well site-critical activities (such as most  computer based activities) to our Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facilities and partially or fully remove conventional well site roles that in turn reduces your net requirement for personnel at the well site.

Together with the Implementation of new processes, communication protocols, fit-for-purpose connectivity solutions and fall back resilience planning our Remote Manning services provide the necessary assurance to evolve to a more efficient remote-centric service delivery model.

a more efficient, dynamic & scalable workforce

Our Remote Manning service will not only reduce your overall operating footprint and associated costs but will provide you with a more dynamic and scalable workforce that can switch focus at the click of a button to other activities or events requiring attention within your project portfolio.

Personnel that were traditionally assigned to a single project can now be assigned to multiple projects and, depending upon the technical complexity and customer objectives, they can provide services to multiple jobs simultaneously.

Days where personnel sit idle at the well site  on stand-by, wasting your time and money are long gone. Now, when personnel within our Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facility are freed-up on one project they can instantly be made available to service your other projects. This improved utilisation leads to much greater economies of scale and a truly optimised workforce.

a solution to common problems

In a downward market Remote Manning can reduce your operational costs and give you the competitive edge you need. It can allow you to retain a minimum workforce level with just enough flexibility to support your customers ad hoc requirements or pick up new work.

In an upward market you may be looking to do more will less as the right level of expertise becomes scarce and you require  the scalability provided with Remote Manning to help your growth. Similarly, you may need a service delivery model that helps accelerate and support your new employees’ learning-curve. And, for those periods of high activity ramp-up, you may need to put better control on your service delivery and quality.

Regardless of market condition you may struggle getting the right level of expertise to specific projects or faced with logistical issues getting people in country. Whatever your problems, Remote Manning will help you overcome them to achieve your objectives.

better informed decision making

Transforming to a Remote Manning service delivery model will integrate your well site personnel with our Remote Operations Support and Collaboration (ROSC) facility giving them real-time access to a broader, more collective pool of Subject Matter Experts with a vastly increased level of experience and wisdom in comparison to that available with the traditional ‘all services onsite’ model.

Improved Service Quality

It may be hard to imagine at first, but actually decreasing your well site personnel and your net workforce requirement can and does lead to improved service delivery and quality.

One of the most significant reasons behind this improved service quality is down to the fact that Remote Manning Engineers are in a less distracting environment where they can fully concentrate on the task in hand and follow the necessary procedures and checklists without the interruption of being called away to fulfill one of their many other traditional well site responsibilities.

Most customers observe a significant reduction or total elimination of transactional failures attributed to procedural adherence once transformed to a Remote Manning service.

Reduced costs

As an example, Our typical Integrated Drilling Services Remote Manning model can reduce your Drilling Services onsite personnel requirement by up to 60%, your net Drilling Services personnel requirement by 40%. Considering the reduction of personnel salaries, travel, onsite catering and insurance these associated cost reductions can have a significant impact on your margin giving you unparalleled competitive strength.

In addition to these hard savings are the harder to measure but equally as significant savings provided through improved service delivery. Reduced transactional failures and improved equipment reliability can save costly rig time and unnecessary logistics and emergency shipping costs.

improved HS&E

With remote service delivery models reducing the number of personnel required to travel to and from and, work in, hazardous environments, our customers significantly reduce the unnecessary health and safety exposure of their workforce.

Added to that, the associated reduction in travel and unnecessary logistics delivered through a Remote Manning model will reduce your company’s environmental impact, benefiting us all.

tailored solutions for your business

If you’re interested in the concept of Remote Manning but not looking for our off-the-shelf Drilling or Wireline Remote Manning services then please contact our Consultancy Services Group.

With our extensive specialist niche experience we can provide you with individual aspects of or, a full spectrum of, our Business Management services to help develop and implement a solution that works best for you.

18 years niche industry experience

Our expertise lies within Remote Operations and Operations Technical Support –  we’ve been doing it for over 18 years and we’re still learning, evolving and adapting.

During this time we’ve authored and presented scores of SPE papers around the world all of which based on real-life projects we orchestrated.

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To learn more about how implementing a Remote Manning service delivery model will improve your business visit our articles section or, to find out how we can help you implement Remote Manning, contact us today.

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