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Onsite Manning

onsite manning

flexibility, scalability & assurance
all without the overhead

Our Onsite Manning service provides you with access to a more flexible and scalable workforce to meet your ever-changing operational requirements. We remove the burden associated with onboarding, training and the contractual overheads associated with direct staff by providing highly skilled and experienced field staff on a temporary or full-time basis.

For customers who choose to buy their technology direct from Oilfield Service companies, our Onsite Manning service provides you with required flexibility along with the necessary assurance that all our field staff are fully competent and qualified to run your technological services, leaving you in full control of your service quality.

For Oilfield Service companies, our Onsite Manning service provides you with the option to partially or fully outsource your workforce requirements,  delivering scalability and cost efficiencies to increase your competitive strength.

full onsite services

Our field staff can be chosen to provide conventional well site services for all major upstream technological services or used to provide on-the-job training, coaching or mentoring of your onsite personnel.

As an alternative to our WellSentinel® remote quality assurance service, we provide Engineers for full onsite quality assurance services tailored to your specific requirements to ensure personnel, systems, hardware, software, reporting processes and data deliverables are all established and performed in compliance with your project requirements and quality plans.

ready to go and PAY AS YOU GO...

We provide expertise to the well site and to customer locations globally through a no hassle, on-demand day-rate basis.

Our field staff are available on short notice for short, medium or long-term assignments, with all relevant HS&E and medical certifications in place. Personnel can be retained for specific projects or assigned to ongoing customer-specific contracts.

qualified to perform

All our field staff are carefully selected to ensure they have the necessary qualifications and experience required to properly represent your company brand and the proven competencies required to be deemed qualified to perform your services.

After each assignment the existing competencies retained and new competencies attained by our field staff are recorded in our proprietary Field Competency Management System enabling our customers to choose from the most suitably qualified candidates exactly matched to meet the project specific requirements.

A fully integrated extended workforce

In addition to our field staff being fully competent and qualified to provide your products and services, they’ll be experienced with representing your brand and conversant with your Operational and HS&E policies, procedures and systems along with your expectations for conduct and, in essence, a fully integrated but external member of your workforce.

Connect, EVOLVE, Exceed

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