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Erland Saeverhagen | Fouzi Bouillouta | Adam Cranfield | Warren Hall

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference
9-12 November 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The oil industry has experienced an unprecedented cycle of growth during recent years. Exceptional growth brings challenges such as continuous staffing and competency levels for field operations and technical support. To address these challenges a new staffing model based around re-manning has been implemented across Regions, Geo-markets and Product Lines, reducing personnel at the rig site by 30 to 50%; transforming the organization from being equipment focused to become service-centric.

Re-manning initiatives have had a direct impact on operational cost and footprint by reducing the number of personnel required to cover the different field operations.

24/7 real-time services also provides the ability to conduct existing standard drilling and MWD services remotely as well as remote support to most new product introductions to the field.

24/7 Remote Technical Support functions deliver a significant reduction in Non-Productive Time (NPT) and associated costs and customer concessions. This dedicated round-the-clock support and advisory network has increased reliability, service delivery and quality assurance.

In today's market situation with declining oil price, where all actors are being pressured from every angle to reduce cost of operation, the Re-manning initiatives are more important than ever to be more efficient e.g. better utilization of personnel pool with reduced personnel requirement and cost as a consequence. This paper will show examples from Iraq, UAE and Brazil operations.

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Economic and Technical Value of Remotely Operated Services in Real Time

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