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perfect all your business activities

Through the infinite power of digital extensibility, WellPaths®, our intelligent digital operating standards and procedures platform, will literally bring your enterprise documentation to life, unlocking otherwise unobtainable opportunities to maximise the integration and collective performance of your technology, business activities and workforce.

WellPaths® provides you with an intelligent fully digital Document Management System (DMS) designed specifically for digital procedures. Your DMS is no longer a stagnate repository but becomes a powerful living enterprise hub allowing you to improve and control the efficiency, quality and repeatability of all your business activities whilst keeping a tight hold on standardisation as your business grows.

Designed around mobility and collaboration WellPaths® provides your workforce with the ability to retrieve, follow, interact and provide real-time feedback for your enterprise digital procedures, wherever they are. The result is an empowered workforce with the tools they require to do the job right and, for you, WellPaths® provides the enterprise-wide governance, security and compliance you require whilst driving cross-functional collaboration, transparency and accountability leading to unparalleled service delivery and quality.

bring the very core of your business to life

Our WellPaths® service starts by digitising your existing standards and procedures and breaking them down into discrete ‘byte sized’ tasks. Each tasks is assigned a unique control identifier, appropriately tagged based on your Enterprise Taxonomy and mapped to corresponding tasks and related information. The result is an extremely powerful and fully consumable compendium of tasks used to create static or dynamic condition-based procedural workflows for human interaction and machine interrogation.

With your operating standards and procedures becoming digitised the very core of your legacy business system is brought alive offering unlimited scope for controlling and improving procedural quality, usability and workforce interaction and adherence.

Powerful dynamic governance

WellPaths® provides easy to manage enterprise-wide governance, security and compliance tools to make better use of your operating standards and procedures while safeguarding your intellectual property.

Information can be rendered dynamically with condition based arguments in order to provide the right information to the right people dependent upon locality, technology or even the customer, allowing flexibility for regional or customer variations.

Condition based arguments can also be used to control access to sensitive information in order to be compliant within areas such as Export Control.

improve service quality

At the click of a button, documents that are updated, cross-referenced, deprecated or made obsolete, can be made instantly available to your global workforce wherever they are, ensuring everyone is using the correct version.

Based on end-user credentials your digital procedures can seamlessly connect and update your Competency Management System to update the individual profile for each member of your workforce when new competencies are achieved or existing competencies are retained as part of completing a digital procedure.

Procedures that require prerequisite competencies can alert the end-user or trigger notification systems specifically tailored to your business processes and only allow personnel deemed qualified to perform to carry out certain procedures.

engineer procedural adherence

Digital procedures provide the systematic workflow in which the end user has to follow directing them through dynamic pathways according to the work scenario. At predefined steps the digital workflows can require data input from the end-user to verify successful completion of a task, evidence machine configuration or operation or, for more critical tasks, the digital procedure can seamlessly connect to remote SMEs for verification and sign-off.

With the ability to store user credentials, workflow steps and end-user data input for verification purposes, WellPaths® can retrieve the procedural narrative to help identify non-conformance, lack of procedural adherence or document deficiency for quality assurance purposes.

This valuable oversight helps identify further scope for engineering procedural adherence and driving workforce  accountability.

empower your workforce

Whether in the office, customer facility or at the rig site, empower your workforce through the power of digital. WellPaths® provides your workforce secure mobile access to your up to date operating standards and procedures and, with tools for searching and self-service they will have access to the very latest information they need to get the job done properly.

Dependent upon the experience level of your end-user, the multi-tiered digital procedures can show varying levels of detail from a high level summary of the key critical steps required to complete the task down to more in-depth layers giving detailed descriptions of each sub process, their purpose and links to different media types for further information.

In the event the end-user faces a difficulty or needs support when carrying out a digital procedure, with the click of a button from within a procedural task item, they are instantly connected to a remote SME who will have full access to the procedural steps performed and all of the accompanying verification data for quicker problem resolution or better informed decision making.

interrogate & automate

Our digital procedures can save your workforce significant time through automating human and machine interactions. This automation can be interrogative reading vasts amount of verification data from machinery to ensure that, however small the anomaly, issues can be picked up and resolved before becoming a real problem. 

Automation can be used to programme predefined configuration files or dynamic configuration files created by the digital procedure based around the workflow scenario.

With the ability to quickly connect to equipment and retrieve valuable historical asset information and analytics your workforce can now spend more time making better informed decisions in the field.

let loose continuous process improvement

Allow end-users to seamlessly provide real-time feedback from within a digital procedure, flagging deficient or ambiguous process steps and posting suggestions for improvement, WellPaths® empowers your workforce with a platform and mechanism to create a unique self-fulfilling collaborative ecosystem, continuously contributing to improve their very own operating standards and procedures.

With the functionality for user feedback to automatically trigger a document change process you can ensure Continuous Process Improvement is performed and governed in a leaner more systematic process and in accordance with your existing business rationale.

WellPaths® continuously captures utilisation and feedback data to make available valuable enterprise level analytics data allowing you to drill down further into the true quality of your operating standards and procedures to target key improvement areas.

deliver repeatable project success

WellPaths® will positively impact every aspect of your project management through improved integration and transparency for business activities and processes between disparate teams and project participants.

Improved oversight along with the ability to seamlessly assign other team members tasks within a digital procedure fosters a more collaborative and, ultimately more innovative and productive culture that will deliver your business repeatable performance improvement.

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