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Well Book


secure leaner project success

Move away from the paper chase and stop using out of date disconnected legacy systems and fully transform your business into the new digital era with WellBook® a fully digitized well planning and execution enterprise application that will secure your business a lean process, driving efficiency, transparency and performance for all your project activities.

centralised and standardised

WellBook® provides your enterprise with a one-stop location for all your standardised business activities, data and documentation relating to your customers’ projects.

WellBook® will enable your teams to seamlessly collaborate and participate within and across multiple projects simultaneously providing transparency and oversight to maximise project success.

repeatable project success

Designed specifically for the oilfield, WellBook® provides an out-of-the-box, yet highly configurable, project planning and execution application covering all aspects of the project life-cycle related to well construction.

WellBook® allows customers to tailor the pre-defined project management modules to suit their very own business needs and create highly customisable project specific work spaces and templates that can be be re-used time after time or constantly modified to guarantee repeatable project success.

enhanced productivity

Developed on a fully digital platform, WellBook®
allows customers to seamlessly control access rights and user roles at the click of a button, ensuring your project participants are empowered to deliver results and your customers have access to the information you want to share, all with the assurance that security is taken care of.

With full Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft® platform integration WellBook® leverages the familiar apps your workforce is accustomed to, driving enhanced collaboration and productivity around all your project activities.


project management services

To accompany our WellBook® digital planning and enterprise management application we offer WellLead® our full project life-cycle management service.  Visit our Consultancy Services page for more information.

secure leaner project success

Contact us today to learn how implementing an enterprise digital planning and execution application will drive project collaboration and transparency, delivering leaner project delivery and success.

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